The Marshall - in a league of its own!

The MARSHALL has two equally sized ovens which are currently the largest on the market.

The MARSHALL has both a roasting and a slow cooking oven using indirect heat from their walls like a Baker's oven, meaning that there is no direct heat or flames to alter tastes thus keeping all those natural juices and flavours of the food sealed in. The huge Cast Iron Hob Tops are varied in temperature and will allow you to boil or simmer a variety of pans at any one time.

With the MARSHALL you have a choice of cooking only or with a Central Heating and Hot Water Boiler (up to 150,000 BTU), you are easily capable of heating up to a six bedroom family home with plenty left to spare for hot water.

Unlike most other producers of Range Cookers, Marshall manufacture and vitreous enamel all their own Range Cookers and manufacture their own boilers, so Marshall's quality is guaranteed.

Fuel Types: Oil, Kerosene
Installation: MARSHALL should be installed and commissioned by an approved engineer.
Servicing: Once yearly by an approved heating engineer.
Boiler Output: 60/80/100/120/140/150,000 BTU
Radiators A heat leak radiator is not required.
Flue Types: Conventional or balanced flues.
Oven Dimensions: D: 500mm (19 5/8 inches)
W: 410mm (16 1/8 inches)
H: 225mm (12 3/4 inches)
Overall Dimensions: D: 700mm
W: 1065mm
H: 910mm
Featured below in Cranberry finish.